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Zero Interest Credit Cards


Do zero interest credit cards sound like something that you would like to know more about? How can they offer me a credit card with no interest? It kind of sounds like it is too good to be true. Is it? You may want to contact your financial coach if you have one before getting involved. If you don’t have a financial coach, consider contacting Kevin Smith┬áto find out more before getting involved with these tempting credit cards.

Zero-interest credit cards are available at a variety of banks and online. These unique financial tools are designed by the banks and credit card companies to get you to sign up and begin charging new purchases or transfer high-interest balances from existing credit cards. These banks and credit card companies highly value new customers in the very competitive banking and credit card world. Because of this, the zero-interest credit card is a promotion to attract new customers. It is a very clever marketing practice. It is just that simple.

The zero interest that attracts peoples’ attention is limited in time and total credit available. This industry usually offers twelve, fifteen, or eighteen months of no interest before their standard interest rates apply. They are hoping that your new charges and balance transfers will not be paid off by the final no interest due date. At that time they can begin charging and sometimes back charging you credit card interest rates which are substantial. Standard credit card rates vary but are generally from 14% to 29% annually.

The zero-interest credit cards are a terrific way to use someone else’s money for free. If you strategically plan and execute your plan in a timelyzero-interest-credit-card-promotional-image manner the gift of free money is yours. If you fail to comply with your plan, however, it can be a costly mistake. Zero-interest credit cards serve a purpose in today’s economic and financial world. Using them wisely is advantageous to you and your family.

Using these zero interest credit cards unwisely will cost you more than you ever saved during the promotional period. Be careful and enjoy it. Be careless and it gets very expensive. Contact Kevin Smith Today for a FREE personal financial analysis about using zero interest credit cards.