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Change In America Is Ahead

Change in America is ahead. That change is as certain as the Sun rising in the morning. All of us have experienced a totally unexpected series of events since February of 2020. COVID-19 or the Coronavirus caused our Governmental Leaders to ask us to “stay at home to slow the […]


Family Goals Are Important

Family goals will usually be short term goals and long term goals. Like all goals, they are important to write down on paper. It is also important to review them often. Short term goals may need reviewing every week. Long term goals may need reviewing every month. You decide based […]


Financial Goals Help Money Management

Financial goals are very important. They help you allocate and budget your money towards reaching those goals. Knowing where your money goes each month is critical if you want to get ahead and become financially fit. In today’s world, cash and checks are becoming less important than they used to […]