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Save Money And Your Family


Save money and your family before it is too late! Most of us have a few goals that we are striving towards. For some, it is to buy a home. For others, it may be to buy a new car. Many of you are thinking about college for the kids. And then there is dreaming about that fabulous vacation that is always out of reach! These are all things that most of us would agree is worthy of desire. Okay, so what is getting in your way?  Is the reason that you do not have enough money right now? Many American families are experiencing that condition.

If the first paragraph sounds familiar then pay attention to the following Free advice. To achieve some of your goals you willsave-money-using-piggy-banks need to acquire some additional money. You need to save money so you can save your family from everlasting debt. Debt comes with interest which is the real problem. The monthly interest payment is often more than the monthly balance payment. Therefore you actually pay two, three, or four times the actual amount of things you charge on a credit card. Unless you pay off your balance monthly. Without winning the lottery, getting a new high paying job, or inheriting a tidy sum from Great Aunt Martha you are stuck in this uncomfortable position. You need to save money and start saving it now!

Save Money By Changing Your Bad Financial Habits;

  1. Stop using your credit cards. This is the first bad financial habit you need to change. If you don’t have the money in your pocket, don’t use a credit card to purchase something.
  2. Think about everything that you purchase. Do you really need it or would your family benefit from the $5.00 you are about to spend. This may sound childish but it will be important to establish your new financial lifestyle. It is also a key feature in changing your bad financial habits. At the end of the day put that $5.00 you almost spent in a “Get out of Debt” envelope to use at the end of the month to put toward your credit card debt.
  3. Get other family members involved. This support to make changes in your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle will be critical to stay on course in this “New Family Goal”. When everyone is on board to achieve something it is much easier to become successful.
  4. Reward yourself for achievements. After your first family goal is reached (Let’s say to save $500.00) celebrate. Not spend lots of money but celebrate with all family members. Something small like a great dessert after dinner. Then put your $500.00 towards one of those credit cards that you are not using.
  5. Repeat this process. This five-step process is more difficult than you may think. It has to become a lifestyle change so that you are constantly aware of how much money you are spending every day unnecessarily. But it works! And it is absolutely FREE!

No one enjoys change! Especially change that affects our behavior. It will be a sacrifice from the way you are accustomed to living. However, if you want to save money and save your family try this Free advice. Contact Kevin Smith Today for additional information regarding bad financial habits.