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Creating Your Financial Future


Growing up as a young person in my early teens my family experienced a long period of financial drought. Our financial future was limited. We ended up on a governmentFinancial Future Coach Image housing program that kept us off the street. On a few occasions I would come home with my parents, and unexpectedly find grocery bags of food left on our porch.

Word had gotten around about our loss of income and not finding a means to create it again. I will probably never know the people who anonymously came by and gave our family momentary relief and encouragement.

My parents would express concern that I would go all day without eating. It is a behavior that still affects me today. Food costs money and if I did not eat, it would not be a financial burden on my family. I was proud that the two dollars I was given at the beginning of the school year, in case of an emergency, would still be in my wallet at the end of the school year. I was a good boy who helped my family save money. I was trying to help the financial future of my family.

Living in that experience solidified a decision I made almost at birth to save every penny I could get my hands on in fear of my own future survival. My life was out of balance. I could not experience Freedom of Choice around money. My financial future was in jeopardy.

Today, I developed a Five-Step System to help people experience Freedom of Choice around money and escape the need for having food dropped off on their porch.

I have learned the secret to enjoying debt free spending in a balanced lifestyle and have created a quality financial future for me and my family.


The First Step in the system is understanding your money story. Where did it all begin? What is the journey that created your Current Financial Situation?

The Second Step is recognizing the influences that drive your behavior around money. You are asking the question of “Why?” Why do I exhibit this behavior or that behavior when money is involved? What impact is this having on my financial future?

Step Three is an activity of discovering what you truly value the most. It is common for people to list off personal values that were given to them over the course of their life. They live the life they were told to live rather than the life they were born to live. When you understand your true purpose you experience the value you bring to other people and the money that can be created to support your vision. Your financial future begins now!

In Step Four we design the life you love and create a plan that has you living it from day one.

When people ask about planning it tends to be a look at something in the future, and a long hard effort to reach the goal. It is the life they set aside on the desk to one day never live.

The approach appeals to the part of you that wants to hold you back and not succeed. It is not right now. It is in the future.

A better strategy is to design the life you want and Go There Right NOW! See yourself already there in the experience of it. Begin living your life today in the experience of the future by creating a quality financial future. Notice the difference in the decisions you make right now when you bring the future into the present.

Your decisions are based on the pursuit of your dream and not on the pain of your current circumstances. The journey towards your dream becomes more exciting than the end goal.

Finally, in Step Five we follow on the action of implementing your plan. When you travel it is not always an uneventful experience. Every now and then you hit bumps in the road. Your values suddenly get knocked out of alignment with your behavior, and you are stuck on the emergency shoulder.

One of the values of working with a Financial Coach is to get help recognizing inconsistencies between your values and behaviors around money. Your financial coach will also help you plan your financial future. When you are stuck, help is available to transform your incompatible behaviors with money. You also gain the support of an accountability partner to keep you on the road of your dream and off the emergency shoulder of circumstances.

If you are ready to experience Freedom of Choice around money and live the life of your dreams then Contact Me Today!

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