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Change In America Is Ahead


Change in America is ahead. That change is as certain as the Sun rising in the morning. All of us have experienced a totally unexpected series of events since February of 2020. COVID-19 or the Coronavirus caused our Governmental Leaders to ask us to “stay at home to slow the spread”. We were also asked to close down all businesses that were not considered essential. They got to decide what was essential, not us. During this process, American citizens have given up freedom and our Government has taken more power. Don’t expect to get any of your lost freedom back anytime soon!

Over 40 million of us have lost our jobs because of these Government decisions. Some will be lost temporarily and some permanently. Only time will tell for the vast majority which category we occupy. Because of the unemployment forced upon many Americans, some will lose homes, vehicles, and other financed possessions. Many folks are in a financial crisis for the first time in their lives. All because of the decisions made by our various Governments. Federal, State, County, and even City leaders have all participated in this unprecedented denial of our freedoms. Change in America has devastated the United States economy. It will take years to recover. All at our expense.

Change in America is causing a change in our lives.

Therefore, we must change with the times. We must adjust how we think about our family’s future. New opportunities will become available. Old opportunities may disappear. Debt will become everyone’s Worst Enemy. Even more of an enemy than before the pandemic of COVID-19. Confusion and fear may gradually begin entering your thoughts. Now, what do I do? Sound thinking is critical at this crossroads of our lives. If you have a well thought out plan, execute it! If you don’t and if you are fearful and confused call a professional like Kevin Smith today. Don’t delay. It is imperative Change-in-America-with-time-for-change-concept-of-new,-life-changing-and-improvementthat we all have a quality plan to protect ourselves and our family’s financial future.

Confusion and uncertainty are normal in times like these. This change in America has made it important that we talk with someone who is clear-headed and knows what to do next. Our families are depending on us to lead us through tough times. Need a map? We all have different needs based upon our individual circumstances. Talk with someone who designs family financial plans for a living. Talk with someone who lives a financially fit life. Talk with someone in the know! Personal meetings and teleconferences are available. The sooner we adjust to this change in America, the sooner we will be on a path to a successful recovery. Call today for a FREE consultation.