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Spending Provides Savings Opportunity

Examining your monthly spending almost always will provide a savings opportunity. Are you interested in saving money? Who isn’t? Let’s go through a little exercise and examine how we have been spending our money. First, we want to take a look at our bank statements and all of our credit […]


Zero Interest Credit Cards

Do zero interest credit cards sound like something that you would like to know more about? How can they offer me a credit card with no interest? It kind of sounds like it is too good to be true. Is it? You may want to contact your financial coach if […]

Savings Accounts growth planters

Savings Accounts Provide Family Confidence

Savings accounts provide you and your family with confidence. Many families don’t have savings accounts. That is not only sad, but it is not healthy for those families either. Confidence gives you a sense of security and well being. As your money in savings begins to grow so does your […]


Get Help With Debt Soon

Get help with debt soon if you are having trouble making your monthly payment obligations. I’m talking about making the minimum payments on a wide variety of credit cards. If this sounds familiar then you need help with debt. Making the minimum payments on credit cards is good for credit […]


Is My Credit Report Private?

Your Credit Report is not private information. It actually is nearly public information. For a small fee paid to one of the three largest credit reporting agenciesĀ (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) you can see anyone’s credit report. A credit report will list everyone who has given you credit during the past […]


Knowing Your Credit Score Is Important

Why is knowing your credit score important? Knowing your credit score is important because businesses that offer credit to their clients know and monitor the credit score of those clients often. Then they use that score in conjunction with your credit history to determine if your credit score is within […]


Seek Debt Relief Carefully

Are you seeking debt relief? Is your family having a difficult time meeting your monthly financial obligations? Is it hard to pay all your bills each month? Many families find themselves in this exact position each month. This is an uncomfortable position to find yourself and will cause stress and […]


Your Important Family Budget

Do you have a family budget? Why is a family budget important? How do I develop a family budget? These are all questions that need to be answered so your family can become financially fit. Are you living within your means? Or have you piled up an uncomfortable amount of […]


Control Your Money Or Else!

To control your money is vital for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A good sign of a healthy lifestyle is one where you are not seriously in debt. Credit Card Debt is one of the worst forms of debt as the interest rates are completely out of control. National […]

Spending Money wildly

Spending Money Smartly

Spending Money is a necessity in life if you live in the United States. To obtain the things that you want and need generally means that you will be spending money. Let’s examine this in more detail. I am hungry so I need to buy food. I feel tired so […]