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Your Important Family Budget

Do you have a family budget? Why is a family budget important? How do I develop a family budget? These are all questions that need to be answered so your family can become financially fit. Are you living within your means? Or have you piled up an uncomfortable amount of […]


Control Your Money Or Else!

To control your money is vital for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A good sign of a healthy lifestyle is one where you are not seriously in debt. Credit Card Debt is one of the worst forms of debt as the interest rates are completely out of control. National […]

Spending Money wildly

Spending Money Smartly

Spending Money is a necessity in life if you live in the United States. To obtain the things that you want and need generally means that you will be spending money. Let’s examine this in more detail. I am hungry so I need to buy food. I feel tired so […]

Understanding Money Image of Woman

Understanding Money Matters

Understanding Money matters because it impacts your entire financial life. Money is something that we have to deal with everyday. In most cases you spend money everyday. Let’s discuss what I mean. You pay rent or your mortgage monthly, however, there is a daily cost which is subtly removed from […]

financial fitness of family on beach

Financial Fitness Earns Freedom

You’ve heard me say the words, and read my blogs that mention “Financial Fitness”. Living a financially fit life will earn you and your family freedom that most other families don’t enjoy. Today, every time you want to do something you have to figure out how you can pay for […]

Bill Management and Accounting Image

Need Bill Management Assistance?

Needing bill management assistance is very common in the United States. It is part of the financial education process that very few people actually achieve. The goal of this education process is for you to become debt free and financially fit. My guess is your parents didn’t teach you about […]

debt advise image of drowning piggy bank

Quality Debt Advice Will Make Sense

Most of us at some point in our lives can benefit from debt advice. That is especially true when it makes sense to us. Our desires to obtain things or to fulfill our “want lists” often get in the way of sound financial planning. If the debt advice makes sense […]

financial advisor image of growing plants

Do I Really Need A Financial Advisor?

Nearly everyone needs a financial advisor. Most of us were not taught about personal finances by our parents. Most of us were not taught about personal finances by high school or college educators either. It seems odd that one of the most important skill sets to possess is knowing how […]

Credit Card Help Image

I Need Credit Card Help

If you are thinking to yourself “I need credit card help”, you are not alone. In fact, most of the citizens of The United States need credit card assistance. Credit Card Debt has topped 1 Trillion Dollars in America as of April 2017. That is a Sad Fact about our […]

Happy Family Image for Bill Consolidation

Bill Consolidation Requires Understanding

Bill consolidation requires understanding of the financial industry and how everything works. Why is that important? I just want to lower my monthly payments. It is important because, without a true understanding of how bill consolidation really works, you will most likely generate more debt during the process of bill […]