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15 Days To Slow The Spread


15 days to slow the spread has become a US National slogan to help defeat the China coronavirus. We have all been asked to stay at home for a while. This means don’t unnecessarily go out in public. It also is requiring many of us to work from home if possible. For those of us who are unable to work from home, it means Don’t Go To Work unless you are employed in a critical industry. It is obviously quite unusual for our Government to ask us not to work and stay home. This request is being made for the health of our families, neighborhoods, Cities, States, and Country. Churches, schools, theaters, and all places where crowds congregate have been closed, delayed, or canceled.

America has not been in this much danger since World War II. Please follow the rules and just hang out at home. Grocery Stores, Pharmacies,15-days-to-slow-the-spread-showing-a-one-hundred-dollar-bill-with-medical-face-mask and Banks are all open during this crisis. Salons, Bars, and Restaurants have been asked to close until further notice. We must all do our part to help our community and Country. Every little thing helps. Pay attention to the news and stay home if possible. 15 days to slow the spread was established to do exactly what the name implies. We are all being asked to sacrifice. So let’s all get involved and help America get through these difficult times.

It is critical that we spend money wisely. We must change the way we do things. This is a time of National Crisis and a perfect time to develop some good family habits to help us grow when this ordeal has been eliminated. Most of us go out to eat more often than we should. We get lazy, don’t want to cook, have a taste for something, you know how it happens. Well, the restaurants are closed. Get used to it. Get used to cooking more and eating out less. It will save you money today and it will save you money tomorrow. That is a good thing for your family. You are saving money. Don’t spend it on something else like online shopping. Save the money from what you would have spent eating out now! Literally put the amount you saved minus the cost of cooking in a jar. Or in an envelope or on a ledger. Keep track because this is important.

Kevin Smith is a Financial Coach

15 days to slow the spread can be used to improve your family habits and save money. In the process of helping your community and country by staying at home you inadvertently are helping your family finances. You are being forced to go out to eat less than normal. Get used to it. Try to enjoy the additional family time at home. Make cooking a family affair. 15 days to slow the spread can help us as much as we help America. Kevin Smith is a financial coach. He can offer advice to get you through these tough times. He can also help you set goals on how to recover when this is over! 15 days to slow the spread may produce some hidden benefits for families with bad habits. Contact Kevin for a Free consultation. What have you got to lose?